Busy Bags for Preschoolers

These discovery bootles are our contribution to a busy bag swap with our local home school support group. this busy bag swap is for items appropriate for 2-3 year olds.

Busy Bag Discovery Bottles All

My boys and I had so much fun making these bottles!  They kind of evolved from ‘just’ a neat thing to look at to a challenge for an older child. Because this change of gears happened after I started making them, the bottles don’t have all of the same items (which adds to the challenge). I thought I would create a check list that you can print out for any older siblings.

Close up of Discovery Bottle
Contents of a Discovery Bottle (Click for close up)
  • ABC letters- Can you spell a word with your letters?
  • pony beads- How many different colors?
  • bowling pin
  • domino- Add the two numbers to find the sum.
  • die
  • marble
  • car Squinkie
  • frog
  • buttons- How many can you count?
  • star beads
  • gold stars
  • car, airplane, and train buttons
  • aquarium rocks
  • sea shell
  • zoo animal
  • whale
  • heart
  • 2 googly eyes
  • shimmery ribbon
  • sequins- 3 colors (one is hard to find)
  • Lego- It may not look like a typical piece!
  • ring
  • penny & dime (one has 2 pennies & dimes- a little helper lost track)
  • ladybug button
  • circle sparkle “gem”
  • nail
  • Lite Brite piece- look hard!
  • ice cream/dessert
  • smily face ball

The next posts on Busy Bags will provide pictures of items we received in the busy bag swap as well as tips on making items durable without breaking the bank.



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